Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fried Chicken

Alright, since today is the ONLY day this week that I don't have a photo shoot I guess I can make a post.
My favorite dinner growing up was fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Although, I have NEVER made it before! I'm so glad I called my mom and asked what I was supposed to do or else I would have just tossed the chicken in vegetable oil without any flour!
She was busy, so I didn't have time to ask her what else to do or how much oil to use. First I thought I didn't have enough and poured more in. Then I thought I had too much and eventually dumped some out! It probably would have been easier making it on the stove since the middle of my frying pan bumps up and all the oil surrounds the sides. I think I got it to work out okay though.
It didn't taste as good as I remember my mom's being. Maybe she added something special to it... like love or some other tasty spices. But there's the finished platter...
Finally a colorful dinner!... Sort of :)


  1. I do a combo of flour and cornstarch and then I add a little garlic salt and pepper. The other day I used bread crumbs too. It was really yummy.

  2. that would make sense and help it taste a TON better ;)