Thursday, March 17, 2011

39 weeks!

So tomorrow I'll be 39 weeks pregnant! It's crazy to think that sometime within the next couple of weeks we'll be holding our baby girl in our arms. Honestly, I'm terrified out of my mind. Our lives will change drastically and will never be the same again. . . although I welcome the change. Terrified, yet excited :)
Monday I took my maternity portraits. For some of the photos I just used my tripod and timer and then Ian helped out with the rest after I set up the camera and lighting. I think they turned out beautiful. Obviously if you're a friend of mine on facebook you've already seen these and then some, but here they are...
I'll keep you posting if anything exciting happens within this next week!

Monday, March 7, 2011

In Loving Memory Of Maggie May

Last night we headed to my sisters for a dessert night. We typically bring our puppy Maggie with us. She's usually VERY good about going out in their yard, playing around a little bit and coming right back to the door. They don't have a fenced in yard, so I've honestly been surprised that she actually comes back. I let her out a couple times, then she stood by the door once again so I let her out. 20 or so minutes later I noticed she wasn't back there anymore, but thought she'd eventually come back. The times she has run off for a few minutes, she's always come back to their front door. After an hour or so I started to worry, so Ian and I walked around the neighborhood. Eventually we got in the car and started to drive around. At this point it was dark out and raining. I knew with how old and tiny she was that she most likely wouldn't make it through the night in this cold weather. By the time everyone decided to head home, some of my family also drove around for a little while with no luck. So Ian and I headed home as well with plans of calling Animal Control in the morning and driving around some more. When we got home Ian said a little prayer asking for her safe arrival back at my sisters so we could hold her in our arms again. To my surprise Ian started crying... then we both started bawling. A few minutes later I got a call and this man asked if I had a dog named Maggie. I instantly got excited and asked if he had her! He then got quite and in a sad voice told me he found her in the middle of the road. He stopped, picked her up and put her in some shrubs on the side of the road. My heart broke. He gave me the address and we headed over to pick her up. There she was, my poor baby. I felt so horrible. Lately I had been thinking about how I didn't know if I could handle taking care of a cat, dog and a baby. Even though I felt this way, I wasn't expecting to lose either of my animals. So we wrapped Maggie up in a sheet and put her in a bag... she's laying on her favorite blanket in our backyard until Ian gets home from school and we can take her to the animal shelter. I've been so emotional about this and woke up with a pounding head ache after a horrible nights sleep. I look like a wreck. I'm still surprised at how emotional Ian is. His eyes were bloodshot this morning and was most likely crying in the bathroom while getting ready for school.
I love you Maggie May! You were the best birthday gift I've ever received! I made this little scrap book page back when I first got her. She sure was a cute puppy...
In loving memory of my baby Maggie xoxo You will be missed!!!
March 1996 - March 2011