Monday, June 27, 2011

3 months!

I know I know I am one horrible blogger! But my darling baby girl is 3 months old! Emberly has quite the personality now. She smiles ALL the time.. even more than a month ago! She makes the cutest cooing noises especially while watching TV. I know, we've addicted her to the TV waaayyyy to early. Every time the TV is on, her eyes are glued to it. She doesn't care what else is going on, or even if she's dying of hunger.. she'd rather watch the TV! Silly girl. Things that she's been able to accomplish at three months is rolling over from her tummy to her back AND touching her toes! Both things that typically don't happen until they're 4 - 6 months. She's so smart :) She's still working on lifting her head, but she's getting there and getting better at it each day.
Other things that have been going on are my experiments to help her with her puking/projectile spit up. Things we've done - switch her from breast feeding to formula, switch her to sensitive formula, Dr put her on Zantac, I've recently stopped the Zantac because I swear it wasn't doing anything, gave her Gas Drops, started putting rice in her bottle, rice made her constipated so I put oatmeal in her bottle instead, that made her puke even worse, I rubbed an essential oil called DigestZen on her feet which did nothing, and now I have a friend telling me to give her Bovine Colostrum. Still not sure about that one. We'll see though. As of right now I've stopped giving her EVERYTHING. She still pukes about once a day and typically in her crib. It's a lot better than it has been. I think I've just tried too many things on her.. and typically all at once. I feel horrible. I really need to stop treating my daughter as a science experiment. Live and learn I guess.
But anywho! I took her 3 month portraits and here's a few of my favorites!

Lifting her head!
Touching her toes!
Giving us those cute cute smiles!!
We also took her swimming the other day. She wasn't to sure of it, but I got this super cute photo of her laying out! :)

I took her again today and we were in the water for well over 10 minutes. She was laughing and smiling. It was quite adorable. Love you sweet little girl!