Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hamburger Corn Casserole with a side of tears

Today in Relief Society another recipe was passed around.. Hamburger Corn Casserole. I've noticed I've been cooking A LOT with hamburger meat lately. Good thing though, it's been in our freezer forever and now I've finally used it all up! Anyway.. it sounded odd, but I went with it. My first REAL casserole dish :)
EDITS: Like I've mentioned before, our hamburger meat is in zip lock bags, so I'm not sure how many lbs is in each bag! I didn't have canned corn, so I used frozen and had to measure out 12 oz. I also didn't have egg noodles, but I had left over bow tie noodles that I used instead! I'm assuming that because of these changes a 2 quart casserole dish SOO didn't fit all of this. I poured the first half in the dish and it would have spilled over if I added in the noodles. It totally fit perfectly in a 4 quart dish though! hah
There's my pretty dish sitting next to some flat corn bread that didn't feel like rising (not homemade. I had a roommate that put actual corn in her homemade corn bread. It REALLY weirded me out. Everyone else seemed to love it though.. or maybe they were just being nice). But anyway, it could have something to do with the fact that it expired in 06! haha...tasted fine though.
While I was cleaning up and doing some dishes my disposal made a horrible grumbling noise. Come to find out my poor tsp went for a dive in the danger zone. RIP little fella. You'll be missed :(
So back to church... while Ian and I were in Sunday School there was THE CUTEST little baby girl wearing the cutest little tutu church outfit I'd ever seen! Her socks even looked like ballet slippers that laced up her legs. Her Grandparents had her sitting on the floor and I kept smiling at her and she'd get excited and fall over. After a while my smile turned into tears. I tried to hold them back but they just came streaming from my face. Ian had a look of complete confusion on his face when he saw my tears. I had to run out of the class and into the bathroom to compose myself. I've been getting pretty depressed again. This process isn't easy.... and neither is a month long period. No wonder I'm so emotional.


  1. That casserole looks yummy! Sorry about your tsp I have done that to so many utensils I can't even name them all haha!

  2. u have inspired me to keep updating my blog..Thank you wendy!