Friday, March 12, 2010

things on my mind...

We paid $100 at the ER and now we have a bill for $100. I do believe that $200 is a lot to pay for a baby I never got. Luckily we have insurance.. or else it would have been over $3,000 for my miscarriage. I find that quite ridiculous. Anyone else agree?

Moving on from that... I'm in a total funk right now. Can't sleep at night, completely worn out from doing nothing, losing my passion for things, and I totally and utterly can't stand the hair on my head. I know Ian wants me to have long hair but I hate it. It's dry, brittle, full of split ends and is just a pain to deal with each morning. I think I might just go chop it off. I'm not meant to have long hair. I used to cut my hair every time I was depressed... which lead to me shaving my head quite a few years ago.
I've done some CRAZY things to my hair over the years.. lets take a look.

Prior to this first hair cut I've had a mohawk, shaved head with bangs, mullet and a rat tail. I will admit, my family is happy that stage of my life is over with.

And I'm even missing some styles in between! CRAZY. Right now I'm loving the cut of the 4th photo and 5th to last.
What I might do instead.... combine these two..


  1. Wow Wendy! I agree with the hospital bill situation. What a rip off! Shayla recently dislocated her neck at school and at the hospital all they did was an xray and re-set it. Our price? $726!!! Without insurance it would have cost $1500. COME ON!!! They even charged us $200 for the one dose of Ibuprofin they gave her. I would have given her some of our own if I had known. Criminal.
    I have to say....I LOVE that you are fearless with your hair. I think that is sooo cool. Too many people are too boring. I have often taken heat for all the changes I have done to my hair, but I don't care. The way I see it is I don't want to look back aty pictures of myself and have them all look the same. I like that I have had so many different looks. Not as many as you though! LOL. You go girl! You are naturally so pretty that you can get away with anything. You were even gorgeous with a shaved head, and not many girls can say that. I know I couldn't pull that off. Have fun! I can't wait to see pics! :)

  2. LOVE the fifth to last! (If that's the one with the dark brown hair and orange shirt!)

  3. Mine all time favorite was the fifth to last too. I think you can pull off any freakin hair style and still look gorgeous. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the shaved head, looking back on it you were still absolutely beautiful. I want to cut my hair short and go dark, but I don't have the guts. I must say though.. I do like the hair cuts that you might combine. They are super cute! You are amazing. Love you.

  4. I like 6.7, and 8 but I think you are totally cute with any hair do. I need to cut mine too. Today I asked the kids what they wanted for lunch and they said Wendy's so we went to Wendy's and Kayton started crying I want to go to Wendy's to eat (of course meaning YOU!)

  5. The super blonde hair with the pale pink shirt is so cool! Love the colors and u look like lady gaga! When my dog died I had to pay 1500.00!!! And put it on a credit card.. Not only did I loose something that meant the world to me, but I also had to make payments on her death for a year and a half... Not fair at all! I hope you feel better I know it's hard!

  6. Brandie - Katie is so cute! I love that she misses me! hah

    And Kym - $1500 for a dog?? Was that to put her to sleep or what? That's nuts! Totally not fair to pay so much towards a death :(

  7. I wanna see the mullet!

    Your hair is an inspiration. I've always been soooo conservative with my hair - maybe it's time to shake things up..

  8. yep....$1500 towards a death...IT WAS AWFUL! WE were trying to keep her alive and it just didn't work out(her organs were failing from a poison she ate) To a lot of people it is *just a dog* but she was a lot more than that to me and Dustin. I'm sure we would have payed more..but I am glad we didn't have to.