Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Western Potato Rounds & BBQ Chicken

I went out and bought a bag a potatoes with hopes of learning to do new things with this yummy carb! I found a recipe for Western Potato Rounds and here's how they turned out...
I don't have a fancy "garnisher" to make the potatoes look all crinkle cut, but who cares. It doesn't make them taste any better! I also didn't have green onions so I just used some left over red peppers. OMG it was sooo tasty :) Here's how they looked before they went in for the last 3 minutes...
I also used Jennie-O turkey bacon instead of normal bacon. I like to eat semi healthy around here! ;) I must admit they look a little more pretty before you melt the cheese, but it sure was good!
And my finished product...
VERY delish! I highly recommend it!

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  1. I've actually made those before! Pretty tasty!