Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Massive update 4-8 months!

I've been a major slacker when it comes to blogging. I'm not sure I can even update with all that has happened.. but here's what Emberly has been up to the past 5 months!

Soon after my last post Emberly went on her first plane ride to San Diego for Drew and Jessica's wedding (Ian's best friend).
While we were in San Diego we stayed with my friend Becky! We even visited the wild life park.

4 months
Trying rice cereal for the first time!
 5 months

6 months
 Utah State Fair
Emberly and silly
7 months
Pumpkin Patch!

Fall family photos 
 Sitting in the shopping cart like a big girl for the first time.
Visiting Great Gramps!

8 months! Christmas portraits over Thanksgiving weekend with Atkins cousins.
Over the past 5 months life has been fun, crazy, adventurous, boring, hectic, frustrating and absolutely amazing.. ALL at the same time. Emberly is always keeping us on our toes. She can't crawl yet, but she sure is a busy bee. She loves being around other babies... and is usually the one stealing their toys or binkies!! She's been fabulous and rotten. But I guess that's what's being a parent is all about! We're looking forward to Christmas in the next couple of weeks. I love the holidays and spending time with family. I have a feeling Emberly is going to be spoiled rotten over Christmas.. especially by the Atkins family!
I've made some good friendships with some girls in my ward at church. I'm so grateful that there are so many young mommies in my neighborhood. Ever since I got married I haven't really had any close friends since all my old roommates lived at least 30 min away. I've gotten really close to one girl in my ward named Kellie. She has a darling little girl who's 4 months younger than Emberly. We've had adventures at the mall with our little girls.. spending HOURS window shopping and trying on clothes we never end up buying. We have even hung out in the evenings and ordered take out Chinese while our husbands are at work. I feel lucky to have made a close friendship with someone. It's been so long!

That's my update for now. I realize that I tend to complain too much about the little things Emberly does that drives me crazy, like waking up to eat 3 times a night at 8 months of age, causing us to start sleep training. Dealing with her crying through the night is no fun at all. BUT.. I don't want to go into too much detail about the stresses of parenthood. We our grateful for our little girl and I'd hate for anyone to get the impression that we don't love her. Because we do! She's the sweetest and cutest little thing. She is the best thing that has happened to our family.
I hope it won't be another 5 months until my next post. I know I need to keep this updated. So until next time......... MERRY CHRISTMAS!