Monday, March 22, 2010

BUSY busy

I'm not too sure how often I'll be able to update my blog this week. Starting today at 4 I have a VERY very busy week ahead of me with my photography. I have SEVEN shoots this week! This must be a record for me. I'm sure I'll be worn out come Sunday.
Saturday I did a shoot just for fun of Ian and his friends. Ian even let me model and took some portraits of me! It was totally fun and I'm so proud of him for doing so well behind the camera :)
Here's some photos of the three guys I photographed....
I had so much fun and glad I was able to finally shoot for myself instead of a client. I find I get more artistic if I'm able to shoot for myself because I'm thinking about my needs and wants instead of the clients. So... if I shoot for myself more often I'm hoping my skills get better and my clients photos will turn out even more fantastic!
You can swing by my photo blog because I'm sure I'll be posting there a WHOLE BUNCH this week :)


  1. that must have been so much fun! next time you have a shoot just for fun, call me! i'll model and just help ya out, all that fun stuff. :)