Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crispy Parmesan Chicken & Roasted Potato Medley

Since I've been slacking in the cooking department this week I decided to go all out... and by all out I mean make TWO new things for dinner :)
This is what I made....
The Roasted Potato Medley calls for "sweet potatoes" so I went to the store and bought a "sweet potato". Come to find out, mine wasn't orange. They totally used a yam. *shakes fist* Don't label it a "sweet potato" if it's a "yam". Geeeze. So now I'm missing some color in my potatoes. Plus... I used red potatoes instead of Yukon Gold potatoes, but guess what.. those aren't red when you peal them.. they're yellow. I've been fooled TWICE today! As for the chicken.. somewhere underneath all those crumbs IS chicken! hah
Now back to the potatoes again....I put Kyle in charge of the potatoes while I worked on the chicken. When it asked him to "drizzle" the potatoes with olive oil he decided they should go for a SWIM! Midway through cooking the potatoes I had to drain all of the oil out because they weren't cooking! Haha.. I should have taken a picture of them swimming.. but sadly I didn't. Here's how they look cooked though!
And my beautiful cooked chicken..
I cooked them both in the oven at the same time. It says to cook the chicken at a higher temperature than the potatoes, but for a shorter period of time. So I put them in longer at the same temp. as the potatoes. They turned out PERFECT!
You must try this.. it's fantastic :)


  1. YAY for home cooked leftovers! As bad as that Julie & Julia movie was all I have to say is thank you for this food blog!

  2. That looks yummy! I guess I better get to the store....