Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home made White Bread & belated B-day gift

Every Conference Sunday we go to Ian's parents for crepes. Since today just so happened to ALSO be Easter Sunday we brought Kyle along so he could join in on the festivities. I loved that he proved to the Atkins family that pigging out on candy and having absolutely NO will power is a Gailey thing... not JUST a Wendy thing! haha!
After the first session of Conference was over they brought out my belated Birthday gift (we tend to celebrate birthdays the following Sunday). I pretty much knew what I was getting this year. Every other gift giving holiday when Ian's mom asks me what I want I always say.. "I dunno.. gift cards?" This time was different. I asked for a Kitchen Aid or at least money I could put towards one since they're so expensive. I was excited to see that the family bought me a SUPER nice red Kitchen Aid :)
Ian was SOOO excited we had to leave right away so that we could use it. I had no idea what to make though. I really wanted to re-do the cinnamon rolls I made, but I was filling ill from munching on candy. Instead I decided to make bread. I wanted to use my sisters recipe for wheat bread, but we don't have any wheat flour. Luckily my Kitchen Aid came with recipes and had one for white bread. Here it is..
I found out very quickly that Kitchen Aid baking is meant for one person, not two. Ian and I budded heads a few times on how to do things. We also had issues with the dough. It was SO sticky, so we kept adding in more and more flour. It said to mix it for about 2 minutes, but I swear we had it go for 15 minutes until we gave up and put it in a bowl to rise.
I was exhausted and pretty tired from being told I was doing things wrong, so I took a LOOONG nap. By the time I got up Ian had put the dough in the bread pan to rise again.

Once it was done rising I put it in the oven. It didn't look as pretty as my sisters bread. Since the dough wasn't smooth looking to begin with, it looked pretty bumpy and ugly when it was done.
I cut a slice and took a bite.........only to find out that it was SUPER salty.
Yup. Of course, I didn't read the recipe correctly. Apparently I never do. I put 2 tbs instead of 2 tsp of salt. I remember thinking that was a lot and double checked, but I swear I STILL saw 2 tbs.
Kyle still loved the bread. He said the salt gave it some great flavor. It really isn't THAT bad, but I just wasn't expecting it.
Ian and I now believe that it was the salts fault as to why the dough didn't cooperate. Stupid salt.

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