Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm super lazy today - Manicotti

Obviously I haven't been cooking much lately. It just takes SO much work... and money. Although today I insisted on making dinner, but I REFUSED to go to the store. I looked through cook books, nope, didn't have ANY of the stuff the books called for. Then I remembered I still have a box of Manicotti noodles. I checked out the recipe on the box which is this.... (click the photo to see it larger)
Last time I made Manicotti it called for some crazy ingredients. Plus it just didn't taste very good. So I just went with what it said on the back of the box... with a few changes.
I don't have ricotta cheese and like I said before, I REFUSED to go to the store. So I used hamburger meat instead. THEN I realized I didn't even have mozzarella cheese, but I did have String Cheese! haha, so yes, I cut up string cheese and used that instead. And lastly, I didn't have "fresh" parsley, but I had some dried stuff in my spice rack.  This is how it all turned out with the changes!
Then I popped it in the oven and here's how it looked with some peas and pressure cooked pears!
Pretty eh? It was good too. I LOVED the big chucks of string cheese. Almost reminded me of pizza cheese from The Pie. It was 100 times better than the previous manicotti I made :)

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