Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As soon as I heard Owl City was coming to Utah I bought my tickets RIGHT AWAY. I think that was back in December or something. At the VERY last minute I thought to myself  "self... does Saltair allow professional cameras??!"  well... myself didn't have an answer, so I emailed Saltair. Come to find out.. NO pro cameras allowed. ALLLL I wanted was photos of the ever so beautiful Adam Young (singer of Owl City) in my band portfolio. So..... I worked my magic and somehow managed to get a photo pass!!! With this photo pass I got in for free :) I gave Kyle my ticket so Ian would have someone to hang out with just in case we wouldn't be by each other the entire show.
When we got there I got in early, before the HUGE rush of people who had to wait in the wind and rain (including Ian and Kyle). Come to find out.. I was the ONLY photographer that night and apparently I had been talking to the OWNER of Saltair! :) She said it's hard to find house photographers because people just want in shows for free and never end up taking pictures. It made sense, but I was shocked. Why would photographers NOT want photos of these amazing musicians in their portfolio??? Crazy stupid people. But she told me if this works out, maybe I'll be their official house photographer! Soo exciting :)
Anyway.. moving on. When I got in I worked my magic yet again and got Ian and Kyle VIP passes! They were able to go upstairs, out of the crowds that made everyone look like sardines, and watch the bands from above. They were in HEAVEN. Now, I do believe that none of us will EVER be able to sand in a crowd after experiencing that!
Here's Ian and I before the show started... I'm pointing at my amazing Owl City photo pass!
Close up of my cute pass..
Here's a photo after the doors opened.. hard to see.. but the cars are backed up on the freeway!!
Here are some of my favorite photos of Adam Young!!! He totally sounded different live than on cd. A little more squeaky if you will. And he pranced and danced around and it kinda reminded me of Pee-Wee Herman! haha! I still love Owl City though. I was set on meeting him, but Kyle and Ian had to get up early for work, soooo we left right after the show :(
While I was down by the stage shooting DAVID ARCHULETA ended up in the same VIP box with Ian and Kyle! Ian sent me a text and I was soooo mad I wasn't up there to take a picture with him. I don't even listen to his music, but I'd love to be in a picture with a famous person. By the time I got back in the VIP box he had moved to a different one. I'm sure I could have gone in the other boxes to find him, but I didn't. They said he was running around screaming like a teenage girl or something. But he's young.. he's allowed to ;)

You can check out my photo blog to see more photos from Owl City and the other bands that were on tour with him :)

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  1. Those are some amazing shots! You are so talented. {we already knew that though!!}