Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicken n' Rice

Tonight I decided to make something I've made quite a few times, but never perfected. I saw the recipe on the back of a Cream Of Chicken label and went for it. Although this time around I've tweaked it a bit. We're out of white rice, but we have several packages of Rice A Roni... sooo I used that! BEST decision I've ever made. It was SO yummy. There was no need to guess how much seasoning I should put in.. or WHAT seasoning I should use. It already came with a seasoning packet!!
I put the rice in my electric frying pan, 2 cups of water, 1 can of Cream Of Chicken and sprinkles some of the seasoning on there. Then I put 4 pieces of chicken in and sprinkled the rest of the seasoning on top.
I set it at 375' and cooked it for about 40 minutes.
Added some carrots and peas... and ta daaaa! All finished :)
Best Chicken n' Rice I'VE ever made. Thank you Rice A Roni!!

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