Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday I was reading Brandie's blog and saw she made some cute Valentine Cake Pops that she's read about on Bakerella! I thought they were so cute (and didn't have a gift idea for Ian yet) and found some other cute ideas on Bakerella's website. Here's what I made....
Cake & Cheese Cake Balls! :)
 I started out baking a cake and cheese cake... at the same time! hah I should have taken a picture of the both of them in the oven together.
After the cake cooled I crumbled it and added cream cheese frosting..
Rolled it into balls....
Went to dinner so they could settle.. then came home and dipped them in white chocolate..
As for the cheese cake... it cooled in the fridge for a few hours then I rolled it into balls as well. Typically you're supposed to dip these in chocolate as well, but I thought that'd be too much chocolate. So I rolled them in gram crackers instead and called it good!
Here's Ian's finished product!..
We invited Ian's friend Drew (who lives in ID) to come and stay with us this weekend. His fiance just recently called off the wedding so we didn't want him to be alone on Valentines Day.. which is ALSO his birthday. So I made him a plate as well... a V-day B-day plate! hah
 My cute Valentine's :)
I hope everyone has a lovely and fantastic Valentine's weekend! I know ours is on going since it's on a Sunday this year! Love you all!!
TIPS AND POINTERS - when it comes to melting chocolate DO NOT melt it on the stove! I turned my head for one second and it all caramelized! haha.. it was SO nasty and turned brown and sicko. Because of this.. I ran low on chocolate and couldn't fully dip the rest of the balls.
HEART CENTERS - those were Oreo Cakesters. I got a heart cookie cutter to shape them and rolled some of the cheese cake balls in the crumbs of the Cakesters. 


  1. First of all thanks for the link love and secondly look how cute yours turned out. Yum! Nice job!!

  2. Look at you go! You are so good in the kitchen! Why didn't I get this gene?!