Monday, January 11, 2010

My new blog and UPDATES!

Hello friends and family! Welcome to my "personal" blog. I thought that having my Photo Blog was good enough, but I've decided that I really need a blog of my own to post my daily boring activities :)
Plus I need an excuse to photograph more than just paying customers! Yes I know, sad that I need an excuse to photograph life, but once you start doing photography for a living you stop doing photography for fun.

So here I am!

Here on my new blog you will get to indulge yourself in my ranting and ravings about daily life as well as my joyous attempts to cook! *bah!*

So lets back track a bit.. back to October.
Ian and I bought our first home in October! It's been the best decision we've ever made, besides marrying each other of course ;) I wont be posting ALL my photos on here in this first post, but if you are a Facebooker you can peruse my photos and see all our fabulous new updates HERE!
But here's a little view from the living room. I LOVE these stairs!

In December we had all the Gailey family over for Christmas Eve activities! It was fun and a tad bit nerve wracking having 16 nieces/nephews, siblings, spouses and Grandparents over for dinner and gifts. Happily I survived the madness and actually enjoyed it very much! We had people scattered throughout the 3 levels of our house! Wii and old school Nintendo lovers in the basement, older nieces trying to keep away from the noise upstairs in the office, people who love food in the kitchen, and everyone else in the living room!! Here's a good photo I stole from Emily's Blog of the Christmas Madness!!

Later that weekend Kyle (my baby brother) moved in with us until he gets married in May. Which brings us into January...

Welcome to January!! School has started back up for Ian. Because of this I'm completely thrilled to have Kyle around. Ian leaves around 8:30 am and comes home around 11:30 pm. EVERY weekday. So needless to say, I am so very glad I have Kyle to keep me company. And because Kyle is home in the evenings, I actually have somebody to cook for! And if you know me, and I mean really know me.. you'll know that I've NEVER been a cook.. and possibly never will be. Which is very depressing for Ian since he comes from a family of amazing cooks.
But this new year I am attempting to making dinner for the 2 of us almost every night. I will also need to make enough to have left overs for two grown men the next day. Which means that Ian will finally get a REAL dinner at work the following day :)

This is my news for now. Tomorrow I will post about tonight's dinner! Exciting I know ;)


  1. YAY for home made dinners!

  2. CUTE blog! How did you get that cute layout on the top?! Love it! So excited to read about your yummy dinners!

  3. i found it on cutest blog on the block! :)

  4. Yay! Good luck with dinners. I will NEVER master that one.