Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eggs in a Basket

The other day Kyle came up to me telling his amazing new idea for cooking eggs! Come to find out it was already invented.. of course. Everything has already been invented! He was a little bummed to hear that, and has been further experimenting to make it his own! haha! Well the egg invention he thought he made up was Eggs in a Basket. I decided that this morning I'd show Ian how to make them.
When I lived in Salt Lake with my dear friend Rachel we watched V For Vendetta several times. In the movie the main character V makes Evey eggs in a basket. We had never heard of it before and decided to try it out. We ended up renaming it to Eggs in an Envelope since bread looks more like an envelope to us than a basket.
One of the most popular quotes in this movie is "remember remember the 5th of November" Well....Rachel ended up marrying Jordan on the 5th of November and we almost put that quote on their wedding invite! haha! I will NEVER forget her anniversary because of this quote :)

Anyway.. here's how you make it..
Make a hole in the middle of your bread (normally I tear it, but Ian HAD to make a perfect hole.. looks kinda pretty that way hah).

Crack and egg and put it in the hole. Wait for the pan to heat up properly first or else it wont cook right the first time. I like to season it with seasoning salt or just salt and pepper.
Here's the finished product! Sometimes I put cheese on top while the other side is cooking. You'll probably want to eat it with a fork. Once you get to the center the yolk will spill out. If you're like me and feel queezy at the sight of a runny egg or egg yolk can mix the egg first or use egg beaters (esp if you're on a diet. *they* say not to eat egg yolks if you're trying to lose weight". If you do it this way you can eat it with your hands because there's no messy yolk that's going to spill out and attack your fingers!!!



  1. Those eggs in a basket sure did hit the spot. Thanks pookie!

  2. Well my idea of 2 eggs in one large basket covered on top and bottom with toasted bread sure is good too :)

  3. haha i'll have to see this new idea.

  4. Tyler thinks this is a fabulous idea!!!