Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crib set!!! Woo hoooo!

Ian and I have been searching for cribs for a while now. At first we took a used white crib from my brother, then Ian decided he wanted cherry and brand spankin new. Crib sets are outrageously priced! After searching MULTIPLE websites today I came across Everything was marked nearly half off! After Ian sending me to a ton of links that had sets with changing tables that cost $775 plus, I decided... hey.. I don't want a crappy changing table. So I started looking up sets with larger dressers that I can put a foam changing pad on top. This way the dresser can always stay in the bedroom and I don't have to worry about putting it away once the baby gets older.
Then I came across this set....
I totally fell in love with it! It was nearly the exact crib I've wanted (still not sure what to think of the drawer on the bottom) and the exact longer dresser I had in mind! It's perfect. So I ordered it ASAP! Not only was it less expensive than the links Ian was sending me to, and super duper on sale, but I also found a $50 off code! Sooooooo excited :) It should actually be here in 3 days! ha! We've got a lot of cleaning and new carpeting to do before we can set that baby up! Happy days!

Some people might think we're crazing for spending more than $200 on a crib/set, but I find it 100% worth it. We wont have to worry about used furniture falling apart or recalls due to old unsafe cribs. Plus the crib changes into a bed! Woot! Even though by the time the kid could probably fit into a toddler bed we'll most likely need it as a crib again for another baby. But we wont be having babies forever.. so someday I'm sure it'll turn into a bed ;) Now the bigger objects are officially purchased! Minus a glider/rocking chair.

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  1. So cute! What a lucky little girl to already have so many nice things!