Monday, November 8, 2010

Baked Quesadillas

I got another dinner idea from church a while back ago and decided to try it out!

You know me, I seem to never have all the ingredients, but I somehow mange to find something else to use! ha
This time around we didn't have any monterey jack cheese (so we used cheddar) or green chilies, so Ian improvised and put chili powder on his. I decided to skip out and regretted it because his tasted SO much better than mine!
We decided to make 2 whole ones instead of 4 folded in half. Once I put the top tortilla on I sprayed each side with butter spray. I love me some butter :)

 They were pretty good! Mine tasted better dipped in salsa since I didn't have that chili flavoring. I think green chilies would have been very tasty on this.

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