Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Bedding!! and other recent happenings

I'm SUPER excited!! I've been looking at this baby bedding for over a month now anticipating when I should buy it. Well.... Ian found a great steal on ebay and it included the bird mobile. Since my mom typically buys the stroller (which I already bought) I talked her into buying me the bedding instead :) Well, she just purchased it and will bring it when they come up for Christmas! I'm super excited!! Now all we need is a bedroom set....
Ian is being so cute about this whole baby thing. When I originally showed him this photo he told me how cute EVERYTHING is and wants the baby's room to look JUST LIKE IT. He said "oooh I want the bunnies, the wall art, the valance, the mobile, EVEN the cloths hanging on the wall!!" I found it quite hilarious. My mom says he's going to be a cute daddy. He's always rubbing and kissing my belly.

This past weekend we drove down to Bakersfield AGAIN for another wedding :) We made it in late Wednesday night, hung out and did a little shopping on Thursday, ate an early Thanksgiving dinner on Friday since my parents aren't coming up this year, then we also went to a hockey game that evening. The Condors just so happened to be playing the Grizzlies who are from Utah. My parents are SUPER into the Condors and of course Ian and I were rooting for Utah. It was pretty funny. Then Saturday I photographed my friends wedding. Here's a peek at one of the photos I'll be posting on my photo blog within the next week or so..
After the wedding we hung out with my parents and played some games. I love spending time with my mom and dad :) I also love playing the wii with my dad! haha! Early Sunday morning Ian and I headed back home to Utah. I sure do hate that drive.. and it's even worse when pregnant. The way there my back was killing me.. I was almost in tears. Then the way home I had to pee every 2 hours. Ian LOOOVED that. hehe

OH! and PS. A week after my 19 week ultra sound I met with my Dr. to discuss everything that happened with the testing. Everything came out fine and dandy but he said the baby weighs "a whoppin 10 oz!" yes. he said it just like that. apparently my baby is a couple ounces bigger than average, which can mean 1 of 2 things. Number 1, the baby comes early. Or number 2, I have a chunky monkey rollie pollie baby! hahaha
Super exciting :)


  1. I vote for Number 2! I rather have a chunky monkey rollie pollie baby than having it come early, but I'll take it either way.

  2. but if it comes earlier.. it'll be closer to "average" size :) and possibly still chunky! heh
    but you better take it either way!