Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 month baby bump!

I'll be taking photos of my baby bump each month now until she's born. Here's my belly at 22 weeks! Which is actually the end of five months :)

I can feel the baby move so much more now! At first I wasn't sure if I was feeling her kick or not, but now I'm certain it's her. I typically feel our little girl move the most when the cat is laying on my belly and purring. She has her own personal massager! In 2 weeks at my 24 week appointment they will measure my uterus. I have no idea how they'll start measuring the baby to see how big she is without an ultrasound. I believe I get one more ultrasound at 38 weeks. I may just go to Fetal Studio again and do some 3D pictures when I'm 30 weeks. It's so hard going so long without seeing our little baby!! 
Her crib set came today and Ian can't wait to set it up! We started doing some cleaning in the bedrooms, but we have SO much  more to do before he can put the bedroom set together. We have time though, a good 3-4 months to prepare. Such an exciting time!