Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Racin' for Greyson!

Last Saturday Ian and I ran our first 5k together... with Emberly in the stroller. It was actually my very first 5k. I ran cross country and track in high school. My 3 mile time varied from 24-32 min... considering we sometimes ran in 115' weather, I didn't find my faster times too bad. But regardless... that was 10 years ago! I really haven't run that much since.
I heard about this charity 5k from my wonderful friend, Krista. She has a fabulous blog where she writes about her life with her 17 month old son, Mack, who in my mind is kicking kidney failure in the butt! Although that is an entirely different story in itself. So please, if interested, check out her blog! She is an excellent writer. https://kidneyking.com

Now onto Racin' for Greyson! 

I've always wanted to run a 5k or a half marathon, but was didn't want to pay the money for it. Running for a cause was A LOT easier for me to drop a check than having it go towards another event the following year. The 5k was $20 a person and all the proceeds went towards 4 year old Greyson. He has a rare disease called Actin 1 Mutation that should have taken his life within 4 months of birth. It is extremely rare to see someone else with this disease because it usually takes their life early. But like Mack, he is kicking his disease in the butt and fighting for a brighter future xoxo
I'm proud to announce that running a 5k was WAY easier than I expected. I kept thinking to myself... why on earth was this so hard for me in high school!? And again I'm reminded about the ridiculous amount of heat that we dealt with in Bakersfield, CA. I finished the 5k (without walking! Only had to stop a few times to pick up our water bottle & jacket the kept falling out of the stroller) in 30:22! Ian finished slightly before me, pushing Emberly the entire time. He, of course, was embarrassed because he could have ran at least 10 min faster. It is SUPER hard for Ian and I to run, jog, or workout together. I'd love to have a leisurely jog with him, but to Ian, everything is a race. He doesn't know how to jog.. he just knows how to RUN. I was so proud of him to hold back and just enjoy the run together as a family :)
Here's us with Krista, Brent and Mack! I love this boy so much and I'm so inspired by the strength and courage that these sick/disabled children AND their parents have. Like my nephew with Down Syndrome, everyone I know that has a child with health issues/disability has an amazing support group. They all look out for each other and support one another. I seriously LOVE IT. It's like a special group that you wish you could be a part of, but as much as everyone in the group loves one another, they wish they weren't even in it. Thanks for telling us about the event guys! It was a great experience and I totally want to do it again! ♥

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