Saturday, January 1, 2011

3D Ultra Sound

I went in today, at 28 weeks and 1 day, hoping to get a 3D ultra sound done while my parents were in town for Christmas. We sort of made a big to do about it and scheduled everything around us. The family spent New Years Eve at our house so my parents would stay the night and be with us the next morning to go to the ultra sound. We even invited Ian's mom. I was soooo excited to see these 3D pictures. Then low and behold, my placenta was in the way! I guess it was laying right over the baby's face so he couldn't get any good photos. The tech tried his best to at least give us one photo... so here's our baby.. chubby cheeks and all!
This is a photo that shows her profile. The arrow is near her mouth. He said she has super chubby cheeks and I guess it's a little obvious in this photo :) Her head measures to be 29 weeks and her femur measures to be 30 weeks! I just laughed when the tech said "wow, that's a big femur!"
So, we've come to the conclusion that I'll either have her early, or she'll be one massive chunk! Or who knows, maybe she'll be as tiny as can be and they were wrong on all the measurements.
They told me to come back and try again when I'm around 32 weeks... or later. Here's to waiting a few more weeks!

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  1. OOh! 3-d! Your baby is now part of the future! BTW she does have some chubbsters. She's going to be cute as a button. A big-cheeked button. :D

    Hey! I've started a blag. It's at

    It's not got anything super relevant to my life; it's mainly about projects I'm working on. And I've only got like 5 posts haha. So don't be disappointed when I don't put up anything too exciting. But you should check it out anyway! Maybe someday I will put up some awesome picture or something!
    Loving you.