Monday, January 31, 2011

Home updates and decorating tips!

Sorry for bombarding my blog with posts the past couple of days. We've had so many projects and they all seemed to be finished around the same time! One thing that's been driving me nuts since we moved in was our GIANT living room wall. I never knew what to do with it. At one point it looked like this...
A tiny picture on a hugggge wall! Very sad and pathetic.Well now it looks like this!!..
I was freaking out about the lack of stuff on the wall and wanted it decorated before my baby shower. My sister Richelle is amazing with home decor, so she gave me a few pointers on where I should hang things. Here's a close up of some of the photos..
(Our adorable Trash The Dress photos! I'm so glad I finally have a place to hang them. And below, why yes, of course I took that picture of the Salt Lake Temple!)
Now for the tips! Ian and I are pretty horrible at hanging things on the wall. We tend to put a billion holes in the wall before we decide everything is straight and looks nice. So, I saw another photographer post on her blog about tracing what you want to hang up on news paper. Lucky for me I have huge backdrop paper and used some scraps to trace everything.
(Notice the different color of the shelf. Ian was so sweet to stain it a different color. I thought I'd never have a need for that ugly shelf!) After I traced everything, I cut out the shapes and hung them up where I thought they'd look good.  
Then we hammed in the nails right over the paper and pulled the paper out once we hung everything up. The only thing that needed to be nailed in a couple times was the temple picture since it hangs on a wire. Other than that, this paper trick was a life saver!
Ta da! LOVE IT!


  1. That is SO beautiful! I would have never thought of tracing out paper to put on walls to make sure I liked where everything is going! Such a great tip! And I LOVE the photo of the Temple!

  2. awesome tip. noted.
    Holy bananas your living room is humongous! Why is your house so large? Are you living in a mansion? Did you win the lottery? Have you secretly come into a fortune that you're not telling anyone else about? Probably not any of the last three things. But regardless, your house looks lovely :)

  3. I really do love it! Looks fantastic... and I still feel HORRIBLE that we ALL forgot to take pictures at your baby shower! How sad is this?!