Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby room projects!

For the past few weeks Ian and I have been working on some baby projects for her room. After putting the crib and other furniture together I wanted some cute wall art to go with her baby bedding. I browsed the internet for some cute vinyl trees. This is what we found and both agreed on. (I loved the tree.. Ian loved the kitties! hah). For the most part it was pretty easy to put on. They're just like stickers. We unpeeled and then pressed them on the wall. I thought the flowers would be the easiest... until I realized EACH flower came in 5 separate pieces! I got it all done in a few hours though :)
My other project was some wall hanging pieces. I found a cute little set of owls and trees online, but it came in 5x7 prints. I decided I wanted some 10x10 canvas prints instead. So what did I do? I opened up photoshop and designed it myself! Here's the actual photoshop design...
Then I put a 2 inch border around each art piece and got it printed on canvas...
 We went to some art stores and bought out all of their 10 inch stretcher bars. This took about 2 weeks and 4 different stores to get 24 stretcher bars! Ian then put the pieces together and stapled the canvas to the stretcher bars. I'm so grateful for all of his work the past couple weeks. He's been so great to help me out with all of my projects despite how busy and tired he is after school and work xoxo
 Here's the final product on the wall! So cute!!

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  1. These turned out so cute! Don't you love Photoshop? You can duplicate virtually any great idea and make it fabulous!