Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meatballs with Rice

This morning I woke up craving my mom's meatballs on rice. Over the years I had totally forgotten about this delicious dish of hers. So I went online and started looking up recipes. There are SO many ways to make meatballs and gravy it's ridiculous! That's when I contacted my mom via text message. All she told me was "I use Swedish meatball seasoning" and that was it. I responded back with... "but I don't even know how to make gravy!!" and I didn't hear back from her. Come to find out this little Swedish packet has it all! It comes with seasoning for the meatballs and a mix for the gravy.. and it even told me how to make it. I feel like I cheated since I didn't make it from scratch, but now that I think about it, if I were my mom and had 7 kids there's no way  I'd make things from scratch either! haha
Here's the meatballs hanging out in the gravy. I must admit, it's a  heck of a lot harder to make meatballs than I thought. They kept falling apart!! Stupid meatballs. 
It didn't taste as good as I remembered too. Or it could be the fact that working with raw meat makes me want to vomit while pregnant. hah
But anyway, if you were ever wondering how to make meatballs with gravy and rice.. that's how it's done!

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