Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One year ago...

I can't believe it's almost been a year since Ian and I moved into our first home! One year ago today we were in the process of going broke so we could put all the money down that goes with buying a home. hah
Having a home of our own has been such a big blessing in our lives. Yes, the house did come with quite a few fix me up jobs, but everything has turned out wonderfully thus far. It has truly been the best thing for our marriage, hands down. Life just keeps getting better and better for me and Ian! Not only did I have the opportunity to build a studio in my very own basement...
but we'll have plenty of room to grow in this home of ours. I'm getting excited to change my office into the baby's room and turn the downstairs guest room into my new office. Although I still have ways to go before I'll start putting the baby's room together. I'm still debating on whether or not I'm going to wait until I'm 20 weeks to find out what we're having or if I'm going to pay more at a fetal photo place where you can find out as early as 14 weeks. 2 weeks verses 2 months... hmmmmm.. what to do!?

We still have A LOT more that needs to be done to the home before a baby comes. I just know once this precious soul comes into our lives we wont have the time or money for any of these fixer jobs on our list. We'd still like to redo our bathrooms. We bought the tile forever ago, just haven't put them in because we want to put in new counters and sinks. My office also needs new carpet before the wee little one arrives. We don't trust this carpet since when we first moved in I found dog pee all over the corners in the room. Eventually some day we'll redo our kitchen, but I most definitely don't expect that to happen before the baby... or even close after the baby.

All in due time I suppose :)

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