Thursday, September 30, 2010

14 week ultra sound

While chatting with my mom about finding out the gender of our baby, she was pretty sad she wouldn't be in town for my 20 week appointment. Then last week she told me the exciting news that she would be coming up this week and for me to book an appointment at Fetal Studio! At places like Fetal Studio they are able to tell you the gender as early as 14 weeks. The week seemed to go by Sooo slowly. I couldn't sleep, I was so excited to find out the gender!! I even took some polls. Of course most people figured it would be a girl, me included. You see, my Grandma had 3 daughters who each had 3 daughters of their own before having any boys. So far all of my siblings have had a girl first. I have12 nieces and 4 nephews! haha! I just knew I'd carry on the tradition in our family. Besides, Ian's family only has 3 nephews, it's about time we add a girl in the mix ;)
So the day finally arrived for my appointment. IT WAS ADORABLE! First the ultra sound tech showed us the baby's darling profile...

The baby was being so wiggly and cute! At one point it's hands were by it's face waving at us :) Then it stretched it's legs out kicking them up in the air. I started giggling with excitement! It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen!!
Next the hiccups came :) Totally adorable! He then showed us the heartbeat.. a strong 161 bpm, the brain (he said it has good brains.. very important! ha), then he showed between the legs!
Of course it's a girl :) I had no doubt in my mind otherwise! But I seriously loved every minute in that ultra sound room. With how many times I've stared at these photos in the past 24 hours, I kinda wish I would have paid the extra for a DVD of the whole thing. But I guess these photos will do. She's absolutely a doll already!
After the ultra sound my mom decided to take us cloths shopping :) Of course I didn't let her buy everything I loved and spent about $50 of my own on adorable little outfits!! Good thing we went to the clearance section! ha! But my mom told Ian to pick out an outfit and she'd buy it for him... this is what he picked...
Too cute!! I think our little girl is pullin on his heart strings already ;)

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  1. Oh... I love ultrasound pictures! She is precious!