Thursday, September 9, 2010

12 week appointment

Well.. today was my 12 week appointment. I was super excited to see the baby again. A month between visits feels like FOREVER. I really wanted to see the little arms and legs forming and to bring home another ultra sound photo to post and show off. Instead, the Dr disappointed me by informing me that I only get THREE ultra sounds. 8 weeks, 20 weeks and 36 weeks. I was seriously devastated. We did get to hear the heartbeat though, but I had a hard time enjoying it because of how upset I was. I'm not exactly sure why it upset me so much. I seriously thought I'd get to bring home a little photo after every visit.
On the way to the car I started crying. I've had friends recently post their 12 week appointments. The little developing baby looks so adorable. . . and much cuter than a little bean photo you get at 8 weeks. Ian hugged me and told me everything would be fine. I'm sure it will be, but I'm still ticked off and emotional about it.
I've decided that I'm most likely going to go to a fetal photo place where they can figure out the gender of the baby as early as 14 weeks. Plus depending on the package you buy, you get 5 photos of the baby.. showing off the gender, hands, feet, profile and so on, PLUS a dvd of the ultra sound. So I may be doing that in a few weeks.
Until then, I can just assume that my baby looks like the photos in text books. Here is what my baby should look like right now...
I love the whole comparison of the baby to fruit thing. Right now my baby is almost the size of a Plum.
 I guess that's all I can really update about the baby. Kinda sad that I don't have more info.

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  1. Seriously... be grateful you don't have to get ultrasounds at every visit. My cousin on my other side got ultrasounds every visit, but that is because there were serious problems.

    I do fetal foto's with every pregnancy. I wait until I am 16 weeks, just to be 'more sure' about what she is.

    I am sorry you were upset by this, but truly... be grateful! I only get ONE ultrasound with each pregnancy. 3 would be AWESOME!