Sunday, May 16, 2010

Studio Update

So we started on my studio.. here are photos of our progress..
This is the empty basement.
Our HORRIBLE windows WITH carpet inside.
Got all the carpet out!
Went to pull off the baseboards and found water damage!! The water shut off valve wall was all rusted! So they had to cut off the drywall.
The hallway has two different styles of carpet seamed together. I HATE it.. so we tore it out. 
The ceiling was also a HUGE disaster. The basement was previously remodeled but they did a HORRID job meshing it all together. So before I could snap a before picture, they boys tore down the ceiling and the ONE door frame that was on the corner of the wall.
 Then we tore out the hallway carpet...yes, part of the it painted red.
 Then my bro in law Tyler patched up the terrible window framing and the rest of the walls!
And here's my basement thus far! (Minus primer. We primed the floors to keep moister from coming up!)
Ian starts summer school tomorrow.. so I'm not exactly sure when it'll be done. We've had so many surprises with this house that we weren't planning on! I'm just hoping it'll be done soon. But I'd rather get it done the right way than regret it later down the road! :)

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  1. Yes... learn from our mistakes. Even though it takes FOREVER and costs so much more... do it right the FIRST time! Love ya girly!