Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Weekend

This cute little guy is Buddy. He's been hopping around our complex for a couple months now. The kids LOVE him.. heck.. most of us loved him! He was fun to chase around and attempt to catch. He'd even play and chase with some of the neighbors dogs. Emberly LOVES "bunny hop" and we thought he'd be a permanent community bunny... until he started eating people's gardens. That's when we found out it was actually our neighbors bunny! They tried to get us to keep him and we were SO close to saying yes. Instead we found him a good home on my sister in law's father's farm! I sure hope he's loving it there. I may need to check in and get some pictures :) But anyway, our Memorial weekend started off with goodbye's to bunny hop. This photo is of our neighbor trying to convince us to keep Buddy. Emberly LOOOVED to finally get to hold him since he was nearly impossible to catch out in the open.
Emberly still asks about the bunny. She likes to tell me every day that bunny hops and that she got to hold it. Totally breaks my heart. Someday I hope we can have a big enough home/yard so she can have a bunny to hold again!
Monday morning my side of the family all gathered together and headed to Malad, Idaho to visit my grandparent's graves. It was a little too soon to see my grandma's name on the headstone. It felt like we were just there laying her down to rest. It still shocks me to think that she lived without the love of her life for 19 years before she was able to join him in Heaven. I'm sure it was a glorious reunion. I sure miss them xoxo

 This is us on the way to Malad. Super pumped and excited to drive 2 hours in the car.. ha
Grandma and Grandpa's tombstone.. with Grandma's info freshly engraved on it. After we visited the grave site and hunted for the oldest tombstone with my nieces, we headed to a park to have lunch then headed home for a BBQ at my parents. On the drive home Ian passed out on Emberly's car seat. Then soon after Emberly fell asleep too. It was too cute to not snap a photo!
The past week has been super rainy. Emberly didn't enjoy staying inside all day. After the storm cleared up we went to play outside yesterday. She and our neighbor would not stay away from this puddle of water. Ian kept chasing after her and dragging her away. Finally I convinced him that it was okay for her to play in dirty water. They LOVED IT and cried when it was time for a bath and bed. I'm glad we gave her the opportunity to get dirty and have fun. It was what I did all the time when I was younger.. so why can't she have the chance to do it now?! I love how her pants gradually fell down to her ankles. On top of being a twig... I guess the pants got a little water logged ;)

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