Friday, May 27, 2011

2 months!

I can't believe my little girl is already 2 months old!
She had her 2 month appointment today and she weighs 9 lbs 13.5 oz (20th percentile), is 23 1/4 inches long (85th percentile!!), and her head is 37 cm (20th percentile). Her Dr. thinks she's taking after daddy... tall and skinny!
At 2 months Emberly smiles all the time! She loves sleeping on her belly and when she is lying on her back she likes to vigorously kick her legs while making cooing noises.
She still wakes up once or twice in the night/morning to eat. Typically around 4 and 7 am.
I've started a little walking group with some other new mommies in my ward. It's fun to get out with other mommies and chat :)
Here are some photos of Emberly that I took yesterday!

Yesterday was also Ian's birthday! Happy Birthday to my sexy man :) We went to the Training Table for dinner and saw Kung Fu Panda.. it was super cute. Love you Ian!

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