Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's play catch up!

Bah! I'm getting horrible at this!

May 22nd I was in California for Kyle and Sarah's wedding.
That trip was pure business and no play for me!

I started out in Bakersfield photographing Sky and Cat's engagements on a piano :)
 You can see more pictures HERE
After their engagements Ian and I headed to LA for Kyle and Sarah's wedding!

So far this is everyone's favorite! HA.. see more photos HERE
When we got home I had the chance to photograph my cousin's engagements. He and his fiance Mandy are soooo cute and totally awesome!!
 Again go HERE for more photos
After David and Mandy's engagements and a few other shoots, I photographed Sarah's bridals. TOTALLY beautiful. You must see THESE!
This past Saturday was Kyle and Sarah's open house!
I got a LOT of compliments on all the photos I took of them as well as the cute decorations I came up with :) See more photos HERE.
So far that's been my life the past few weeks!
Next weekend I'll be in California AGAIN photographing Sky and Cats wedding at a winery in Templeton. Totally excited for the fun photos we'll be getting there!!
Maybe I'll get around to cooking again........maybe.


  1. Sounds like you are crazy busy! That is great!!! Good luck on the house progress. It will be in perfect working condition for all your portrait sessions this winter right?

  2. ha.. it better be! we're getting closer.. i guess. just got to finish mudding, sanding, painting THEN we can lay the floors and i can shoot!

  3. So many gorgeous photos... like always!