Friday, August 20, 2010


Last Saturday was my first weekend off in a LONG time. I've been so busy with shoots that Ian and I haven't been on a date in MONTHS. To make up for it, Ian surprised me with a Spa day :)

On our way.. don't we look thrilled?! haha
 A little happier looking here. Well.. I am anyway. In our robes waiting for our massage!

Ian's after hair massage! bahaha so funny :) The massages were so amazing. All I could keep thinking was "man, I hope this never ends" but unfortunately.. it ended. We were SO tired after. Massages totally put you in the zone.... the sleepy zone. After the massages we headed straight over for pedicures. I swear they're supposed to give you some sort of foot massage. Did we get jipped?? It will still nice having my feet scrubbed and my toe nails painted. I get sick of Ian's long toe nails so it was nice to have his trimmed professionally! hah

After the Spa we headed to costco and I ate a GIANT slice of pizza! Sooo yummy. Our plan was to go home, take a nap, and head back out to the movies. Well... our nap turned into a full day and evening of rest. I was so pooped. So we just stayed home and watched movies :)
It was a great date day! Now Ian wants to get a pedicure somewhere cheaper and compare! ha.. I'm TOTALLY down.
Love you babe! Thanks for the hot date xoxo


  1. Yes Wendy, pedicures are supposed to come with a foot and leg rub/massage! I get my pedicures at Jasmine Nails on the corner of 78th S and Redwood (the strip mall next to Gold's Gym) and they are only $20 and take about 45 minutes of wonderful rubbing and soaking! Check them out, I think that they are awesome and pretty cheap too.

  2. yeah we'll have to check them out!
    ian paid $40. i mean.. they rubbed stuff on our legs and feet, but no massage type rubbing.

  3. How fun for you guys! What a sweet hubby you had! I swear the best pedicure I've ever had is when we all went to the school together... Cheap!