Monday, August 2, 2010

random silly thought

I've realized I say a lot of stupid things at weddings to accidentally embarrass myself. For instance.. quite a few times I've asked someone "oh are you the Grandma??" and their reply is ALWAYS "no. I'm the AUNT!" One of the time's she was actually the mother. Boy did I feel stupid after that one. I need to learn to ask.. oh are you the Aunt?! Then if she is the Grandma she'll feel good about herself! ha

During shoots I tend to call people by the color of their shirt. "red.. move to your left. green.. lower your chin". last month during a mixed wedding I said "I'm just going to call you by your color....... of the shirt that is" I felt horribly stupid and racist sounding after that. I'm seriously anything but racist. I swear! Someone save me from myself! ha

How do I learn to keep my mouth shut from these horrid comments I always make?!


  1. I think your just being hard on yourself! Next time just laugh! you can get away with alot of stuff by laughing at yourself..others will laugh with you..and no harm done! Hope you have a beautiful week Wendy!

  2. Hahaha... you make me laugh!

  3. Oh I'm not hard on myself about it. I think if I was I would have learned my lesson by now! ha