Friday, November 1, 2013

ItWorks with Wendy A!


Okay, I know I keep saying that "it's been a while since my last post" I totally do suck at keeping on top of things. BUT I have a good reason! About 3 months ago I started a new business! Have you heard of that crazy wrap thing??? Well... I'm selling it! I signed up to host a party and I fell in love with the wraps, but not only the wraps... they have amazing supplements! I cannot go a day without taking Greens, Fat Fighter, ThermoFit and putting on Defining Gel!
It Works has been such a blessing in the past 3 short months. First off, I FEEL amazing. I was so down about my body... and so sluggish. Now, my stomach is more tone, my thighs are thinner, and those ugly stretchmarks I've had since high school on my thighs?? GONE! Yes.. GONE! Now I have energy to take on the day and kill it during my morning work outs. Yes, I still get tired at the gym but only because I'm so terribly sore from the previous day! I love burning extra calories with ThermoFit :) Want to see my results? Most would be scared out of their mind... but I'm PROUD! I did this! I worked hard, but I had the help from amazing all natural supplements!
The past 2 months of selling these amazing products I've made an average of $800 a month! And with this company, the sky is the limit! There are 2 women who have been in this company only a couple of years who now make $100,000 a MONTH. Yes, A MONTH. Now, I'm far from that, but I can see myself one day reaching at least $10,000 a month and rewiring my husband. Rewire? Yes, because he's too young to retire. But I can retire him from his day job and rewire him so he can work from home with me and do what we want!

Now, back to my AFTER. How did I get there in under 3 months? To this day I've used a total of 5 wraps, The Ultimate Body Applicator. Sometimes I put it across my belly and other times I've cut it in half and put it on my love handles. Speaking of love handles... do you notice how much smaller they are in my after picture??? These amazing wraps help to tighten, tone and firm your skin. No going under the knife anymore to get rid of that extra skin! These wraps do the trick! A full treatment is 4 wraps. The results from these 4 wraps in one area can last anywhere from 2-6 months. Ya know, like tanning and bleaching and working out at the gym. Nothing is permanent. Although, with a healthy lifestyle results can last much much longer!

Now Greens... what is Greens? Greens is AMAZING! It Alkalizes, Balances AND Detoxes while giving you your 8+ servings of fruits and veggies in ONE 8 oz glass. Plus will all these super foods.. you get the energy you need to get up and go in the morning! I cannot go a day without my Greens

Fat Fighter! I LOVE Fat Fighter! But what does it do?? Have you ever gone out to eat and feel so crappy, full and ... blah after?? Well, not Fat Fighter has your back. It absorbs up to 20% of the fat and 70% of the carbs before your body as a chance to absorb it! Making you feel much better after a fatty meal!

I could go on FOREVER about all of these products... but why when you could check them out yourself?? 

Take a 90 day challenge. Use ANY product(s) for 3 months... tell me how you feel after. Take before and after pictures.... show me the amazing changes! 


There's also an awesome program called the Loyal Customer program where ANYONE can get wholesale pricing! That 4 wraps for $59!
Need more money? Want to work from home? Want to FIRE your BOSS?? Let me know! I am 100% committed to helping others make this company work for them! Make the money you deserve xoxo

And some super exciting news!!! ItWorks just announced that we are able to ship directly to France.
Below is a list of countries where you can become an ItWorks distributor or purchase our products!!

You CAN be an ItWorks distributor in the #UnitedStates, #Canada, #Australia, #England, #Ireland, #Sweden, #Netherlands, #Belgium, #Scotland, #Wales, #NorthernIreland AND #France!

If you want more information about purchasing or becoming an ItWorks distributor in France or any other country listed above click the link below!